A Wheel Alignment can save you money

If you’re driving straight on a road but the top of your steering wheel is not positioned at 12 ‘o clock, this indicates that your vehicle is not in proper alignment. Your car will likely be pulling to one side or the other and you will need to correct for this by turning your steering wheel in the opposite direction.

Wheel alignment problems often arise due to driving on bumpy or unpaved roads, hitting curbs or medians while driving or having had too many close encounters with potholes. Unfortunately, many of these elements are difficult if not impossible to avoid, making it all the more frustrating for vehicle owners,

Left unchecked, wheels thrown out of alignment can result in uneven wear on your tires, which in turn will lead to premature tire wear and replacement that’s avoidable. It can also result in less-than-optimal gas mileage. You can avoid these unnecessary expenses by having us take a look at your vehicle.