We sell and install tires for all budgets, seasons and vehicles!

At JNB Auto Center we offer a variety of brand name all-season and winter tires at competitive prices.

Checking your tires regularly, both on your own, and having them inspected by an experienced technician, can help ensure a safe & steady ride in your vehicle.

Replacement Tires: Just like gas prices, tires fluctuate by season and demand from our wholesalers. To ensure you’re getting the correct quote and best price, we don’t use a generic “instant quote” generator on our website. However, we’ll get back to you with some options, pricing and advice ASAP when you contact us by phone or using the links below.

Signs Your Tires Need to Be Replaced:

Your car shakes or shudders at higher speeds
You hear a squeaking or screeching sound when going around a corner
Uneven tire tread wear
Your car vibrates or shakes regularly
Tears, cracks or cuts on the sidewall of your tires