We sell and install tires for all budgets, seasons and vehicles

Inspecting your tires on a regular basis and having an experienced technician do the same is an important part of a vehicle’s regular maintenance routine. Properly inflated tires and having sufficient tread life are also key to ensuring a safe, comfortable and reliable ride for your car.

At JNB Auto Centre, we offer a wide variety of brand name all-season and winter tires at competitive prices. Make us your first choice when looking for quality and affordable new tires for your car or truck.

Purchasing Replacement Tires

Tire prices fluctuate much like many other products, and they are also impacted by seasonal fluctuations along with shifts in demand from our wholesalers. To ensure you get an accurate quote and the best possible price, we provide you with real prices from our suppliers and don’t rely on generic “instant quotation” systems on our website.

We’ll shop around and find you the best possible prices and products, providing you with some options to choose from,  Feel free to contact us by phone or you can Get a Tire Quote below. Please ensure you have handy the sizing information for your tires so we can provide you with the most accurate pricing possible.

Signs Your Tires Need To Be Replaced

Your car shakes or shudders at higher speeds
You hear a squeaking or screeching sound when going around a corner
Uneven tire tread wear
Your car vibrates or shakes regularly
Tears, cracks or cuts on the sidewall of your tires